* One gets on a Pre-Registration List for a given tour just my asking me to by email, providing name(s), email, phone number (s), and town of residence. This is done when a tour is announced but its itinerary and pricing are not finalized yet.

* Once the itinerary is published, and its cost known, you will be asked if you want to firm up your reservation. If so you will send a deposit of $2,500 per person, preferably through Zelle, Venmo, Paypal, but you may also send a check made to Contrast tours. The deposit is fully refundable until the tour is firmed up with enough participants. The final price varies in function of the number of participants.

* Once the number of participants seems healthy enough (8 participants typically), you and the others will be asked if you want to commit, with the idea that some more participants may want to join later, and if so the price will then go down. This protocole, allows to firm up reservations, book planes etc, and some people are perfectly happy to have a smaller contingent, which makes the tour even more intimate. Of course if the number ofparticipants go up, the price goes down and once the tour is locked at its final number, you then get a refund of the excess paid at contract signing

* Once the tour is firmed up (with your agreement), your $2,500 deposit will includes a $500 non refundable booking fee which is part of the total tour cost. At this point we will firm up your room and option choices, and enroll you in the Travel Insurance that I contract with.

At this point all your payments, except the $500 non refundable booking fee per person, are refundable following this schedule:

Before 180 days from departure: 100%
151-180 days from Departure: 80%
150 days or less from Departure: No refund.

The travel insurance in which you will be enrolled, provides benefits for trip cancelation (and interruption) should you meet the classical benefit conditions (death in the family, disease, accident, loss of job etc). I can provide a brochure. It also considers me as your traveling companion, should I be the cause of a trip cancelation or interruption.

Please do not hesitate to ask me any question in regard to all this.


Here are different ways to send your payments. If you are limited by a daily amount on Zelle or any of the other payment forms, it is totally ok to do it over several days. Electronic transfers like Zelle, Paypal, Venmo are still somewhat faster than check via mail.

* Using Zelle to 984-312-5315

* Using Venmo to Jean-Christian-Rostagni

* Using Paypal Friends with a source for funds exempt of fees. Send to clic{at}jean-christian{dot}net

* Mail a check made to Contrast Tours to Contrast Tours, 918 Carolina Ave, Durham, NC 27705.

Thank you.