Travel insurance is mandatory to travel with Contrast Tours. It protects you against most unforeseeable events that could happen, either before the tour (illness, death in the family, accidents, loss of job, etc) or during the tour. It also protects you against the consequences if anything were to happen to me in spite of all the precautions I take when a tour is on the horizon. This is because this company considers me a traveling companion to each participants. These benefits are called "Trip Protection," and "trip Cancelation," it also provides medical benefits, baggage loss or delay, quarantine etc. I will be happy to email you a brochure about the plan upon request.

The premiums that will be added to your contract will be quoted to you at booking and will be discounted by me 10% cheaper than standard pricing.

Please note that in order to qualify for a Pre-Existing conditions waiver, you need to include all your non refundable costs for the trip, including what you may have booked before or after the trip. If for instance after finishing the tour, you go spend a few days in Bulgaria, the non refundable bookings that you have for the Bulgaria part, should be included in the insurance. If you have purchased the airfare with a travel insurance from the airline, you don't need to include it in your trip cost for the insurance, but typically it costs less to insure your airfare through this insurance, than through airline companies, and for better benefits.