THE RHONE VALLEY AND ITS WINES, FALL 2017, In Company of Artists, including Giorgio Bakatsias.
We stay two nights in Nice, in one of the town nicest hotels and in my mind, the most distinctive one.

* The rooms that I have reserved at the hotel are of this type, with the following description:
The contemporary decor of this restful room is inspired by the Mediterranean. With a small work area and the exceptionally ergonomic bathroom in Botticino marble.


* You may want to enjoy superior rooms, with the following description:
Shades of red, pink and other typically southern colours enhance the luxury of the room and its gentle, simple atmosphere, free of ostentation. The large windows of your room open onto a fully fitted balcony and its view of our Mediterranean garden.


These would be $65. additional per night.

* The hotel offers a limited amount of rooms with sea view with the following description:
Enjoy a touch of the Riviera’s skies in your room with its gentle Mediterranean colours, both lively and exquisite. Large windows open onto your balcony, with a view of the Mediterranean.


Upgrade to this: $195. per night and per room.
* You may book through me additional nights in the hotel where we stay for $188 in double, $178 in single.
* You may want to participate in my Paris Itinerary which is as follows:

Please note that this itinerary entails a fair amount of walking.  We will take buses mostly when people are tired or if we need to speed up of for long distances. The group that will do this will most likely be substantially smaller than the 12-13 travelers during the tour, as some will head back home straight at the end of the tour, and some will want to do things on their own.

DAY 11  Thursday October 5
Leave Hotel 9:15
Bus pour Notre Dame
Notre dame
Palais Royal Lunch
Le Louvre (outside)
Petit Carrousel
Jardin des Tuileries
Place Vendôme
Dinner Chartier (a grand restaurant from the Belle Epoque for all Parisians. The food is ok, nothing more, but the style and atmosphere are unique, you will find yourself back in 1920 in no time)

DAY 12 Friday October 6
This itinerary is made that day so that we may have lunch in a rare gem of a small restaurant, very convivial, as Parisian as it gets.  It is best to go there for lunch on a weekday. Disclosure: this restaurant is so authentic that its only toilet is a turk one.  When I was growing up these were still the norm, although now they are kind of an oddity. There will be more modern bathrooms everywhere else, but you should know what to expect. Turkish toilets BTW, are supposed to be more hygienic, and other than that the restaurant meets all proper standards, in an authentic package. Their food and wine have won them the respect of most Parisians in the know.

Leave Hotel 9:15
Walk to Place de la Bastille
Eglise Saint Paul Saint Antoine
Bus to restaurant which just won the title of best authentic bistrot in Paris
Rue des Artistes, a lovely little street where artists were living in the time of Modigliani, Picasso and others where living in Montparnasse. 
Jardin du Luxembourg
St Sulpice
Saint Germain des Près
Drink at La Palette (the café where I took this photograph 25 years ago)
Dinner Place Dauphine (a lovely square that is quintessentially Parisian on one of the islands)

DAY 13   Saturday October 7
Canal Saint Martin
Place des Vosges
Lunch in les Halles
Bouquinistes (used books merchants by the Seine)
Quaint shops of the left bank
Dinner in Montparnasse

DAY 14   Sunday October 8
Tour Eiffel
Lunch Tour Eiffel
Champs Elysées
Grands Magasins

$490 per person per day if group up to 4.
$460 per person per day if more than 4 and up to 6.
$435 per person per day if more than 6 and up to 8.

These prices are all inclusive like the rest of the tour, in double accommodation, and therefore include, hotel, meals, drinks , bus, entrance fees etc...
* Single accommodation throughout the tour is $575.

* Single accommodation during my Paris itinerary is $90. per day (as the rest of the cost of the room is included in the normal price of the itinerary).