The Domaine du Cassard in the Côtes de Blayes, is one of the rare producers of Crémant de Bordeaux, and probably one of the very best, served in a number of France's best tables, as well, and this is remarkable, as at the French National Assembly (French House of Representatives), which consumes about 1,800 bottles of it every year. And yet they manage to get a few laws passed. Maybe this wine should be introduced to Congress!

This is a sparkling wine with a lot of substance, and which does not try to mimic Champagne, even if its vinification follows the same stages and principles. This wine is actually unusually substantial for a sparkling, and consequently is very satisfying, but with very fine and abundant bubbles. It exhibits a healthy amount of yeastiness, aromas of pear with floral accents, notes of biscotti, for a rather fulfilling sensation.

This wine pairs well with shellfish, fish, white meat, cheeses and of course desserts like tarts, charlottes, puddings etc.
domaine du cassard, cremant de bordeaux
VARIETALS: 100% Sémillon

VINIFICATION: Méthode Traditionnelle, this wine is made just like a Champagne, with fermentation in the bottle. Unlike most Champagne, there is no reserve wine used, so all the bottles are reflective of one year harvest, though the bottles do not have a specific vintage.


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Part of the Vineyard at Domaine du Cassard
domaine du cassard, cremant de bordeaux
vines, domaine du cassard, cotes de Blayes