Are are some recommendations, and a few rules if someone contracts a contagious illness during the trip:

* You are strongly encouraged to wear a mask in crowded places, like airports, tramways. buses, planes until 5 minutes after take off and after landing.

* This should limit the chances that you join the group after catching a virus that could contaminate everybody and compromise yours, and everybody's experience. Once you reach the group, you are rather unlikely to catch anything unpleasant during the trip, provided that you wear a mask in the rare situations described above that we may encounter.

* Should you develop symptoms, and test positive, you will be asked to isolate until you test negative.

* During the period of isolation, you will be able to do whatever you'd like or will be possible, but not with the group. If your isolation happens when we go from one hotel to another, you will have to either rent a car, a taxi or uber yourself (ves).

* If we have meals at the hotel, you will be able to have those meals, but not with us.

* All the expenses born from isolation (car rental, uber, taxi, meals not planned by Contrast Tours etc) will be paid by you.

* You may qualify for reimbursement of these expenses by the Travel Insurance, who may also reimburse you for the part of the tour you missed, under the trip interruption clause.

Please do not hesitate to ask me questions about all this, it probably sounds way worse that it actually is, especially given the rather high probability that your tour will be virus free.